Project engineer – Process and water treatment

Project engineer – Process and water treatment
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OPURE (Beaumont-Louestault, France)
Project engineer – Wastewater treatmentSince January 2017

✔ Design of wastewater treatment plants: activated sludges, reed bed filter,etc…

✔ Project costing

✔ Technical report writting

 Required skills

✔Process engineering

✔Project management: feasibility analysis, planning, management of deadlines

✔Supplier consultation and negotiation, technical specification

 Technical skills

✔Office Suite


✔MS Project




Helio Pur Technologies (Pertuis, France)
Project engineer – Wastewater treatmentFebruary 2014 – November 2016
AchievementsHelio Pur Technologies

1- Main Projects Design and construction of innovative prototypes for:

✔Treatment of leachates in landfill

✔Wastewater treatment and recycling in urban water-treatment plant

✔Bio-valuation of the CO2 from gaseous industrial discharges With technicians and engineer management

2- Research & development Improvement of the process of bio-solar purification for domestic, industrial and agricultural wastewater re-use.

3- Purchasing

✔Supplier consultation and negotiation

✔Technical specification

✔Deadline management and costing.

4- Fund raising Animation of a fund raising by crowdfunding (250K€) and Web communication  

 Required skills

✔Project management: definition of project, feasibility analysis, planning, team coordination, management of deadlines

✔Technician and engineer management

✔Web marketing and communication

 Technical skills

✔ Office Suite

✔ Autocad

✔ Wordpress

Service Commun des Laboratoires (Rennes, France)
Chemical analysis EngineerApril – July 2013
Projectservice commun des laboratoires

Development and validation of a method of mineral elements dosage in animals food by atomic absorption spectrometry.


Adaptation of the standardized method

✔Analyses by spectrometry

✔Treatment of samples

✔Statistical study

 Required skills

✔Project management: trial planning, experiments plan

✔Statistical analysis

✔Organization and autonomy

Technical skills

✔Office suite

✔Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

MG2mix (Châteaubourg, France)
HSE AssistantJune – August 2012
Project mg2mix

Assessment of chemical risks in a factory of animal nutrition


✔Inventory of the risks in the factory

✔Classification of the risks

✔Writing of individual exposure forms

Required skills


✔Capacity of synthesis

✔Organizational ability

Technical skills

✔Office Suite


ENSCR École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (Rennes, France)
Process engineering diploma2011-2014

Engineering graduate degree in chemistry at ENSCR French leading School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Rennes: Process, Water & wastewater treatment.

Lycée Saint-Joseph (La Roche-Sur-Yon, France)
CPGE: Physics and chemistry2009-2011

Preparation for national competitive entrance exams to leading French « grandes écoles », specializing in mathematics, physics and chemistry

Additional Skills

CAO                                                 Computing

Autocad ●●○                                    Fortran : ●○○

Mensura ●●○                                    HTML/CSS : ●○○

Projects                                            WordPress : ●●○

MS Project ●○○                                Costing

Bureautique                                     Batigest : ●●○

Office suite ●●●


Leisure activities

CreativityLogo de Laiha wax

Sewing: creation of my own brand of unique clothes


Ballroom dancing, dancehall


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